Thanksgiving Day: How did it all started

Christmas Season is fast approaching but let’s enjoy Thanksgiving first. One week from now, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving Day. There is no doubt that American people will have a celebration in every family and turkeys will be in demand in the grocery stores and restaurants. It is the time of the year where family members get together for a big family reunion. Some only get to see each other on Thanksgiving Day because kids are usually off on the week of this holiday. So, parents grab this opportunity to take some days off too to have a vacation somewhere maybe to the grandparent’s house.

But, do you really know how American Thanksgiving Day originated? In the year 1620, a boat with more than a hundred religious people sailed from Atlantic Ocean to settle in Massachusetts. They had a hard time dealing with the winter. The Pilgrims arrived in a season where they cannot grow many of their crops so, most of their people died. Spring came, and the Iroquois Indians introduced to them how to plant corn (maize). For the colonist, corn is something that is new to their knowledge. They also taught them how to fish and hunt.

It was the autumn of year 1621 when an abundant harvest was experienced for corn, beans, barley, and pumpkins. They were so grateful that they threw a feast to celebrate their good harvest. They celebrated with the local Indian chief and 90 Indians. The Indians roasted deers and turkeys, and brought popcorn.  And the colonist offered wild games to enjoy with. The colonists learned to cook cranberries and various kinds of corn and squash dishes from the Indians. They ate a lot. This was their first Thanksgiving Day. The original colonists celebrated the autumn harvest in the following years that came to give thanks.

In the year 1789, Thanksgiving Day was proclaimed to be a national holiday by President George Washington and will be celebrated on November 26, a Tuesday. This was suggested by the Congress after United States became an independent country.

However in 1863, Abraham Lincoln announced that the last day of November will be celebrated as Thanksgiving Day after the end of the long and bloody civil war.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt made it one week earlier. This is to help businesses by lengthening the shopping period before the Christmas holidays. So after 1941, it was proclaimed that the 4th Thursday of November would be an official holiday and that is American Thanksgiving Day.

Now that you know the story about Thanksgiving Day, you can share it to your love ones like the kids during your Thanksgiving dinner. They will surely remember your story and pass it on to other kids and to their kids when they grow up. It is nice to know where things originated. It would be nice to learn how to be a chef to cook that turkey right for your dinner. I bet you’ll have a bunch of different foods on the table on Thanksgiving Day.

For those who don’t know yet when are we celebrating it this year, it’s on November 24, 2011. I hope you’ll enjoy the upcoming Thanksgiving Day.



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